Producer duo BLYNE share new single “Waste Time”

BLYNE‘s “Waste Time” is the second single off of their upcoming debut EP.

Berlin-based sound aesthetes Jan Hammele & Andreas Hube have collaboratively been making music for many years. Now signed to Majestic Causal Records for their self-described “outer space music” project BLYNE they are gearing up to release a 6-track EP recorded between London and Berlin which features vocalists such as NOVAA, L Devine and B O K E H.

On “Waste Time”, BLYNE deliver R&B infused, emotional electronica featuring the well-engineered, soulful vocal runs of Sydney-based singer James Chatburn. “Waste Time” floats between his addictive vocal runs and futuristic synthesizers. Further expanding their eclectic palette BLYNE show a fondness for melancholic soundscapes and ambient textures rooted in R&B displaying dexterity in line with James Blake in the production and melody.

“Waste Time” is about trying to find yourself and putting focus on what you truly love without losing track of it in our monotonous daily lives. As James Chatburn puts it in the chorus; “let us not waste time / cause I need you in my life” it’s all about trying to find the right balance between your passion for something and your love for someone.

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Max Keijzer

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