Punk band Queen Zee question heteronormativity in “Idle Crown”

Liverpool-based queer band Queen Zee are known for questionning the place of heteronormativity in our modern society. With “Idle Crown”, they deal with the toxic place it has in LGTBTQI relationships.

For our sake, the punk band don’t hesitate on opening discussions to push further our minds into what is troubling about the treatment our societies have towards the LGTBTQI community. With gender-binding looks, unapologetic lyrics and punk rock attitude, it is not their purpose to please to the masses and that’s the reason why, we need them. About the track, Queen Zee stated:

“Idle Crown” is essentially a narrative between two characters trapped in a toxic relationship. It’s something everyone can relate too, but what I wanted to do was question heteronormativity using a familiar setting. A theme throughout the album as a whole is society’s wish for LGBTQ+ people to conform to a standard, regardless of the happiness or health of them. Within “Idle Crown”, I used two LGBTQ+ characters trapped in a heteronormative relationship to express the pain of being unable to live as your true self.

“Idle Crown” is now out via Sasstone Records. You can follow Queen Zee over Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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