Queer pop duo TWINKIDS sing their heartbreak in “Jigoku Tengoku”

Los Angeles-based queer pop duo TWINKIDS share in their new song “Jigoku Tengoku” what it means to be the one breaking hearts.

Not afraid of taking the position of the one that hurts people, the duo create an honest human message wrapped in J-pop inspired sounds. Formed by Gene Fukui and Matt Young, they put gay romance manga into their music and it shows. “Jigoku Tengoku” means in Japanese “Heaven or Hell” and, as explained by TWINKIDS, is related to lying to your lover:

It’s a pretty lie he’s telling his lover, saying he’ll follow them to the depths of hell or heaven, that “this time’s different” but those are just empty words

TWINKIDS’s “Jigoku Tengoku” is out now via Om Records.

Matias Calderon

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