Quelle Rox navigates exasperation in lo-fi lament “Rollercoaster of a Ride”

Listen to Quelle Rox‘s “Rollercoaster of a Ride” before it goes live tomorrow.

Hailing from Brooklyn, Quelle Rox is a bedroom producer crafting lo-fi and softly psychedelic ruminations. Brimming with bittersweetness and sensuality, her suave fragments of life recall the melding colours of a kaleidoscope, when the hues get both fascinating and disorienting, colourful and blinding. Produced by Kofi Bae and Identite Crisis, her new offering plays once again with these contrasts.

On “Rollercoaster of a Ride,” that we’re very happy to premiere today, Quelle Rox addresses depression, this particular moment when the straw breaks the camel’s back and when your nerves win out. “I made the song a while back when I saw a happy couple on the subway and started crying on the subway,” she explains. “So I went home and wrote this song. It’s about anxiety / depression and not wanting to go outside due to overwhelming reality of life (which is oddly relevant to these times).”

With lyrics such as “I need a vacation / just from this life,” the track is indeed timely. When you thought that 2019 was tough, 2020 has a flavour of apocalypse. The sultry atmosphere and the lyrical guitar solo express this general exasperation, this need to throw everything and to start again from scratch. Hopefully, like many other artists, Quelle Rox challenges herself during the quarantine. During her free time, she decided to create a fuzzy, DIY lyric video to accompany the track. Take your ticket for an emotional ride below and stream the track in our playlist Best Tracks of 2020.