MUNYA makes our quarantine easier with comforting new song “Boca Chica”

MUNYA‘s new single, “Boca Chica,” is out now on Luminelle Recordings.

Coronavirus is changing lives all around the world but artists keep on making art and dreaming of a better, fairer world. Actually, it’s in these weird times, when you’re locked at home, that you realize how sad our lives would be without music, movies…

After her single “Andy & Paola,” in support of the healthcare professionals around the world, Montreal based Josie Boivin aka MUNYA has just released another song inspired by the pandemic. “Boca Chica” is a luminous offering, a smile, a slice of cheesy solace to ease your quarantine. So open your windows, and play it to your neighbours.

“The world is upside down, we don’t know when this is going to end and what the long term effects are going to be…but I know we have to keep dreaming,” she explained. “‘Boca Chica’ is the name of a town in Texas where SpaceX is building dreams, they are building a starship to Mars. I know a Starship is not going to save any lives today, but I also know that the science and technology we create from these programs will help shape the future for the best just as the Space race did in the 60’s. My dream is that we realize we are one, realize we are all in this together, that we all need to help each other and that we can do the impossible if we do it together and keep dreaming.”

Listen below, and support MUNYA on Bandcamp.

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