RABBII’s “Left For Dead” is the anthem for all the broken hearts

Band RABBII are known for being upfront and never trying to sound like anybody else. “Left For Dead” is the reflection of their unique twisted formula for creating pop songs.

With raw lyrics, the band tried to create that pathetic moment that everyone have endured at some point, that self-destructing moment after a break-up. As a way to remain truthful to that state, they decided to create an imperfect, unsexy song. RABBII explained us over an email what inspired their song:

We wanted to write a song about the first time you see your ex a while after you broke up. And you realize he’s happier than ever. And you’re nothing but a zombie, needing someone new to feed on not to die. The feeling when you kind of self-destruct willingly. We wanted a song that was really unsexy. When you see yourself as a victim, although really you’re not. That pathetic part of yourself I think everyone has. This song is the world’s smallest violin, playing a sad tune just for you.

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Matias Calderon

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