Rasmus Faber and Metaxas drop sensual nu disco-tinged single “Be Real”

Rasmus Faber and Metaxas‘ collaboration “Be Real” is now out via Majestic Casual Records.

Stockholm DJ & producer Rasmus Faber and Cypriot singer-songwriter Nikolas Metaxas team up for the first time, but were never in the studio together to record the song. Nonetheless, it’s a match made in nu disco-house heaven reminding us that summer is just around the corner. With its celestial electronics and pumping house beat; the slow jam is indeed one to add to your summer night car-rides.

About the track, pillar of the Swedish electronic scene Rasmus Faber said:

We got in touch through a mutual friend and I sent him this slow instrumental track I had […] He came back to me with a killer vocal he wrote and recorded, and it worked straight away!

While Metaxas added:

“Be Real” is a song about dialling back the individuality in relationships, and the empty promises. It is a reality check on the basic human needs of love and selfless support of each other.

Max Keijzer

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