RENÉ – Underwater


London based newcomer RENÉ unveiled her debut track “Underwater” creating a lot of expectations on what she might produce this year. Dealing with the struggles of a relationship, RENÉ explores the limits of herself trapped in her love for another person.

RENÉ in “Underwater”: “Every time I let you back in, you take a little more power”

“Underwater” is as heart-broken as it can sound since all the way the song, she is struggling between her love and the need of leaving this destructive relationship. All the way the track, she deals with the contradiction of loving someone: giving her entire self with the possibility of getting hurt. RENÉ starts her career by delivering a truly harrowing story. Mixing electronic beats with her raw, intense voice, the track is delivered with such an intense vibe. You will get shivers!

Over an email, she told us about this track:

It’s important for me to debut with something so honest and raw. That’s the type of music that has always inspired me.

With the help of Ton Epoch in the production, we truly believe in her newly starting career. You can for now follow her on Twitter and Soundcloud to be aware of her promising future.

Matias Calderon