Richard Orofino shares new EP, and dreamy highlight “I Hope So”

“I Hope So” is the opening track of Richard Orofino‘s freshly self-released Forging A Hardened Outer Shell EP.

Brooklyn-based singer songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Richard Orofino just released his new EP titled Forging A Hardened Outer Shell, which he wrote during “probably the most chaotic, heavenly, and drastic changes in a short period of time I’d ever experienced.” One of the standout tracks from this 6-track project is the dreamy and softly twisted song “I Hope So,” crafted in collaboration with his friend and fellow musician, Christian Taylor.

“It’s supposed to feel like shrinking and squishing and squeezing while also being glittery and sparkly,” explains Orofino. “Like wanting to wear another person’s face like the movie face/off. We tracked the vocals at half speed and then brought them back up to the original bpm so I sound really weird, little, and excited on the recording. It reminds me a lot of face/off (1987) starring John Travolta and Nicolas Cage in that we all have both an agent and a criminal inside of us.”