Rina Mushonga looks for a place called home in new track “Jungles”

Dutch-Zimbabwean artist Rina Mushonga shares her second single “Jungles”, taken from her upcoming album, following first single “Ata|antA”.

Mixing the very different influences she has in her, the artist is capable of blending all of them effortlessly. In her second single “Jungles”, she reflects on a way to find her own space where she can connect and find the strength to face everyday life as Rina Mushonga explains it:

A lot of my songs reflect on searching for a sense of place. It’s something that’s often been elusive for me as I’ve moved around a lot growing up. But also really examining different facets of that — identity, representation, community, belonging, and conflict with one’s surroundings. I think what instantly made me fall in love with Peckham is its mixed-up-ness. This fresh blend of different cultures and scenes. It has a real transient energy and still maintains a palpable sense of community that I really connect with. I suppose ‘Jungles’ kind of reflects loosely though on the often frustrating process through disillusionment and unrequited love in search for self-acceptance and a place to lock into.

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Matias Calderon

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