Rina Sawayama shares 90s-inspired video for “Cyber Stockholm Syndrome”

Japanese London-based artist Rina Sawayama gets inspired by the best of the 90s videos in her Anoushka Seigler-directed video for “Cyber Stockholm Syndrome”.

As strong female figures from the 90s like Mariah Carey and Aaliyah seem to be for her a big source of inspiration, she decided to throw a video full of references to that era: smooth choreos, 90s look and sound. Inspired as well by the our Internet obsession and full-time jobs over different apps, the artist explores her cyber-sensuality as explained by the director:

We wanted to place the landscape of the video in an other-worldly past, present or future to play on the introvert and extrovert aspects of the character in the track. Flirtatious yet shy, she is exploring her cyber fantasy and understanding ways of communicating how she feels.

You can follow Rina Sawayama over Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud and listen to the audio below.

Matias Calderon

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