Rina Sawayama – Where U Are (Video)

In this Internet era, we are all obsessed with social media and click on… well everything that is on your hands.. or in our browser. This theme is inspiring a lot Japanese London based artist Rina Sawayama with her brand new track “Where U Are” that we talked about a few weeks ago. You can now check the video for it

In this video, directed by Rina Sawayama herself and Alessandra Kurr, you can see a much obsessed Rina checking her Instagram account, putting new pictures, looking for some more likes, checking pictures filters… Well doing essentially our daily lives in social media.

This video reminds a lot her last video for her amazing track “Tunnel Vision” thanks to its colours and the posture of Rina in her bed showing that there is a sort of continuity between both videos.

We are waiting for her EP called “Alone Together” any time soon and we will keep you posted !

Matias Calderon

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