Robin Kester smartly explores self-reflection on “Cat 13”

Robin Kester‘s new single, “Cat 13,” is out today via AT EASE.

Following the praise for her mini-album This Is Not A Democracy back in 2020, Dutch artist Robin Kester is now ready for bigger things. After “Leaving,” she’s now revealing her second track of the year, “Cat 13.” Out of an everyday life anecdote – waiting for someone in a car -, Kester expresses both social anxiety and a desire to connect with the world surrounding her. Her narration focuses on the movements of a cat, a successfully domesticated asocial animal, but her observations could just as well describe her own feelings. “Cats can see themselves in the mirror but do not recognise their own reflection,” she explains. “I think that’s an interesting idea. I often have that too: that I can see myself, but at the same time I don’t recognise it’s really me.” Musically, the instrumentation is just as witty. Minimalist at first, “Cat 13” builds up with elegance, as vibraphonette, spinet, wurlitzer, violin and saxophone waltz into the set of this cinematic scene.

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