Maple Glider establishes herself on textured debut single “As Tradition”

Melbourne’s singer-songwriter Maple Glider releases her breakout single “As Tradition” via Pieater.

The new alternative rock project of singer-songwriter Tori Zietsch, Maple Glider is one of beauty and sonic wonder. Having travelled extensively, experiencing the highs and lows that come from living a nomadic lifestyle – including falling in and out of love multiple times – Maple Glider was born after returning to her hometown of Melbourne in 2019. After releasing a slew of SoundCloud demos, “As Tradition” is the first official single from the artist.

Of the track and it’s conception, Maple Glider commented: “I was raised from birth in quite a restrictive religious household. When I moved away from Australia and left the supportive community I have at home here in Melbourne, I realized that I hadn’t really processed a lot of the ways that I’d been affected by it. Going through my last break-up I could draw a lot of parallels between the feelings I’d had participating in the religion as I’d had in that particular relationship. I felt my identity kind of dissolve in order to appease what my partner at the time needed from me, and in a way, I began performing for the idea of love and acceptance instead of trusting my intuition. There was definitely a strong element of gaslighting in both situations and I guess writing the song was a way of coming to that understanding and forming a resolution to grow from those experiences.”

With this knowledge, it’s then fitting that religious undertones sprinkle throughout “As Tradition”. In the opening lyrics, Maple Glider croons “Love is just a word I have learned I may use at my own expense/Bible study earned me the right to be alone, in my own defence” and later she sings “You and God baby love me the best”. Having these references dotted throughout the track helps the up and coming talent to equate her toxic relationship with the oftentimes oppressive nature of strict religious practices.

Accompanying the delicate track is a DIY music video, filmed on Super 8 in her home with the help of her roommate Bridgette Winten. The video shows Maple Glider throwing a party for one, with balloons, disco balls and tassels strewn around the house. The heady mix of the grainy, sepia inflected film, the stoic drums, carefully plucked acoustic guitars and heavy keys, makes “As Tradition” a surprisingly airy ride.

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