Robyn – Love Is Free (feat. Maluca)


Robyn fans like us have been waiting more from the EP collaboration with La Bagatelle Magique.
5 months after its release, they’re finally giving us a video. Get ready to jump up to the ceiling.

“Love is Free” is the title track from the 5-songs EP released on August 7th.

Robyn told The New York Times about the video;
“It’s not about being as absurd as possible, but it’s also not about being about something in particular, either. We just wanted to do something fun and inspiring and playful.”

The whole video is a crazy, joyful, funny and colorful set-up pyjama party. It features Robyn, Maluca & Markus Jägerstedt running from room to room in a decorated studio. With an homage to Christian Falk.

Directed by SSION. Edited by George Cragg

Read more about the making off of this EP with Robyn and Yours Truly.

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