Royaume share “If We”, an empowering anthem for women

Paris-based duo Royaume are finally back after their amazing song “Miho Beach” released 8 months ago. What a comeback! “If We” is an anthem that will empower women, whatever their size and color.

With Yumi‘s vocals and Moon Boy‘s production, the dream-pop duo mesmerize you while still puttin a message out there: women should be proud of their bodies and not listen to what we expect women to look like. That unachievable beauty standard is only there to make women feel bad about themselves. About the track, they stated:

It’s important to build a strong self-confidence, especially for women. A strong voice that speaks to your values can ensure awareness and manifest change. Intersectionality, diversity and inclusivity are the future.

You can follow Royaume over Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud.

Matias Calderon

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