Saeyers turns hardship into a growing experience in new cut “Someday”

Songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Marshall Lewis aka Saeyers releases fourth single “Someday”, from upcoming Saeyers EP.

Bloomington-based artist Saeyers turns hardship into a life-affirming and growing experience with his latest single “Someday”. Having written and played every track on his upcoming record from his own bedroom, Marshall Lewis creates positivity and optimism from even his darkest moments, taking stock of his journey so far.

Of his forthcoming Saeyers EP, he said:

These last couple of years have seen a lot of difficulty, but also many little victories. I spent a lot of time mulling things over in my head and had to learn a lot of hard lessons. This EP is my expression of enjoying the little things and coming to terms with it all, knowing that life keeps going.

Following up on the excellent “Cruise” and “You“, “Someday” riffs on these key themes. The idea of acceptance is prevalent over the shimmering guitars and the languidly crooning voice of Lewis. As a track, it embodies that feeling of looking in the rearview mirror of your life at the bad memories and challenges you’ve faced and deciding to move forward with stoicism and joy.

The simplistic and vulnerably honest line “You will someday be alright” acts as a mantra, an earnest reassurance to yourself to let things pass. “Someday” possesses a gleaming warmth that stems from this sentiment. It encapsulates the beating optimism and strength of the human spirit, a will to continue. All of this is also accentuated by the dreamlike vocals and chugging rhythm guitar, evoking images of driving to an unknown destination with no fear, only hope and clarity.

We’re very happy to premiere Saeyers‘ new single before it goes live tomorrow. Listen “Someday” below and stay tuned for the whole EP.

Rachel Chandler

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