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HighClouds Best Tracks EPs Mixtapes Albums of 2019

HighClouds: Best Tracks of 2019

The 100 Best Tracks of 2019 according to HighClouds. Like every December, we close a year of music with our

HighClouds Best EPs Mixtapes 2019

HighClouds: Best EPs and Mixtapes of 2019

We officially open our list season with the 20 EPs and mixtapes that got us vibing and vibing throughout 2019.

Saeyers EP premiere the greatest

Saeyers takes us on a ride with his dreamy, yacht rock-tinged debut EP

Listen to Saeyers‘ self-titled debut EP in full, before it goes live tomorrow. In case you didn’t notice, 2019 was

Saeyers Someday premiere

Saeyers turns hardship into a growing experience in new cut “Someday”

Songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Marshall Lewis aka Saeyers releases fourth single “Someday”, from upcoming Saeyers EP. Bloomington-based artist Saeyers turns hardship

Saeyers You

Saeyers combine adventure and romance on nostalgic new song “You”

“You” is the third single taken from Saeyers‘ self-titled debut EP. Brainchild of multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Marshall Lewis, Saeyers caught

Saeyers Cruise

Saeyers’ “Cruise” is a refreshing, rock-infused take on dream pop

“Cruise” is the first single from the forthcoming self-titled Saeyers EP. Though Indiana-native Marshall Lewis has been making music for