Samantha Urbani announces debut album, shares “One Day At A Time”

“One Day At A Time” is taken from Samantha Urbani‘s debut LP, Showing Up, out September 22 via Lucky Number.

Samantha Urbani has some great news to share. Following the release of “More Than A Feeling” last month, the former Friends singer has finally detailed the release of her long-awaited debut album, Showing Up. She also unveiled the second single, “One Day At A Time,” of which she stated:

“Ok, ok. I am the tough guy and I am dead serious. I am an advocate, a protector, and an activist. I’m also a total crusher and yolo’er and I take the sweet risks and I justify it all to myself even when I know I myself am being the idiot. This is basically the cutie goofer song about wanting the player and drawing it out. Kissing you FEELS vital to my survival! I know its NOT! It’s just a FEELING! BUT THATS A BIG FEELING! THATS A HUGE LONGING! THATS A LONG ACHING! Urgh, can’t we just ween it off little by little? Once a week act in love? Fuck it up one day at a time? Not fuck it up all at once?”