Satellite Mode – Warm Fire Lightning

Consistency has been the watchword of New York based indie pop duo Satellite Mode, comprised of vocalist Jess Carvo and multi-instrumentalist/producer Alex Marko, with a plethora of top-notch releases. Their portfolio reeks of quality singles such as “Fair,” “Family” and “Surface.” The group is however not resting on its laurels and have released a new single titled “Warm Fire Lightning” their most rock-influenced track till date.

“Warm Fire Lightning” is anchored on a sparsely tuned Rickenbacker guitar riff coupled with a vibrant synth loops and, straight relatable vocal melodies. The spark behind the song is the NYC’s relentless noise pollution that lingers outside the group’s home studio. The storyline in the track talks about dating in the city and the many games involved.

You can follow Satellite Mode on Twitter, Facebook and Soundcloud.

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