Saux shares “Lukewarm (Only You)” ahead of upcoming EP

Amsterdam-based producer Saux is ready for the release of his upcoming EP “Right” set to be released soon this year. The single “Lukewarm (Only You)” mixes simple effective lyrics with groovy beats that will for sure stay in your head for hours without you even noticing.

After the release of many successful singles during the past few years, there is no doubt on the star power of the Dutch producer. He collected thousands of listens over different platforms thanks to his understanding on how to produce something that seems like an effortless catchy pop song. His EP “Right” will take it even further, taking inspirations from 70s funk and disco. About what is hidden behind the EP, Saux told us over an email:

Itʼs about what it feels like trying to play the right parts in life, relinquishing control, and then finding an ‘internalʼ world where you feel safe. In this case, together with someone.

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