Sedona can’t break away from love on new track “Bullseye”

Sedona‘s new single “Bullseye” is out now.

The end of a romance is never an easy thing. Often marked by impulsive decisions and last minute reconciliations, this confusing period where hope and delusions intertwine can sometimes last as long as the relationship itself.

This is this particular time that Brooklyn’s Sedona explores in her dreamy, chimerical new single “Bullseye.” “‘Bullseye’ is here to clear the air, and set the record straight,” she explains. “Chasing the highs and lows of love instead of the steadiness that a healthy relationship should bring is what this song is all about. Even when you know the right call is to end it, it’s hard cutting ties with someone you care about. Testing the waters over and over again, hoping different tides will come in can become an addicting thrill. Perhaps “Bullseye” will help those stuck in similar situations to free themselves from relationships that are no longer working. A girl can dream…”

The track also comes with a pastoral video, courtesy of director Madeline Leshner. Watch and support via Bandcamp below.