On “Decision of a Flower”, Shallowhalo loves you, they love you not

New York City-based synth-pop duo Shallowhalo is dancing their way through a hot and cold relationship on their newest single “Decision of a Flower.”

It’s all fun and games for Shallowhalo, the brainchild of New York City scenesters Allyson Camitta and Ezra Tenenbaum. In their newest release, “Decision of a Flower,” the game is literal. This poppy, irresistible single explores the nature of a hot and cold relationship while evoking the feelings and imagery of childish play.

The music video opens on Camitta engrossed by a game of ‘He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not.’ As the discarded petals hit the floor, a butterfly appears on screen just in time for the opening synths bloom. Finally, the beat drops—A dancey, go-for-it rhythm that instantly evaporates any anxiety from the game of the opening frames.

The track’s lyrics explore the highs and lows of on-again, off-again love. Camitta leans into the pain and pleasure, crooning, “Soft petal face / Stung on the cheek / Pull off the last piece.” The chorus builds upon this idea, as Camitta‘s vocals explode alongside the synths while she sings, “He said loves me / He loves me not / He said loves me / Alittle a lot / Wish I could stop.”

Directed by New York-based artist Bijan Souri, the accompanying video for “Decision of a Flower” feels purposefully homemade. The quality itself, for instance, is more reminiscent of a home video than a high budget music video. That’s not to say that the final product is shoddy or amateur. Shallowhalo utilizes retro graphics, trippy projections, and cheeky zoom-ins to keep the visuals stimulating. More than anything, the vid is just plain fun. The duo dance and groove, creating the party-like atmosphere that fans who have attended their live shows have come to expect.

Regulars around NYC, Shallowhalo established themselves as a group to watch out for with their debut album, No Fun, released in 2022. As the group looks toward the release of their follow up EP Connection in January 2024, “Decision of a Flower” shows that the group wants to keep it light and luminescent. Hey—We’re not complaining!

Upcoming Shallowhalo shows:

October 21st Los Angeles, CA @ Little Secret
November 4th New York, NY @ Heaven Can Wait
December 1st Los Angeles, CA @ The Bellweather for Fool’s Gold 15th Anniversary Party

Claire Greising