Shamir interrogates himself about heterosexuality in “Straight Boy”

It’s been a while that disco diva Shamir abandoned his old life for a straight-forward DIY rock career. After the release of his first single “90s Kids,” he shares new single “Straight Boy”.

Taken from his upcoming new album “Revelations” that should be released at the end of this year, the young artist questions himself about his fascination for straight boys, and also what’s going on in their minds. Every gay person, at some point in their lives, fell for a straight person and wonder about their true intentions. Being as honest as he can be, Shamir decided to take a simple turn in his career. Playing on a white background with another guitarist, the video reflects the simplicity of the track.

“Revelations” is out on November 3 via Father/Daughter Records and you can follow Shamir over Facebook and Twitter.

Matias Calderon

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