Shura – The Space Tapes (Video)

After teasing the release of her debut album “Nothing Is Real” with too many remixes of “Touch”, Shura is ready to speed things up. After pre-ordering her new album, fans were lucky enough to receive a brand new track called “The Space Tapes”. She has now shared the video that goes with it.

“The Space Tapes” is the final song of a 13-track album and it might be the longest one since it is a 9-minute travel over Shura‘s sound. She knows exactly how to keep us very hungry for the release of her new album since we are literally melting just by getting a peek of what it might sound like.

The video captures immediately the whole essence of the track: a long journey thanks to its laid-back riffs and to the slow tempo. It is indeed a travel all around space. You can pre-order “Nothing Is Real” by clicking here if you want to get “The Space Tapes” now !


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