Slowolf – White Feathers (feat. Kimbra)


You may know the Copenhagen-based DJ and producer Slowolf because of his collaboration with Pell but you might also have heard his remix of “Goldmine” by Kimbra. This time he collaborated with her once again but on an original song taken from his upcoming EP out on 6 May 2016 via Playground Music.

It’s always a real pleasure to hear a Kimbra‘s collaboration as she always add something with her special voice. Enjoy her harmonious vocals playing along Slowolf‘s bubbly electro-pop production and get ready to slowly shake your ass on “White Feathers”.

“The track will be accompanied by a live performance video – shot on location in LA in a hippie commune, showcases Kimbra’s super-sonic vocals, which have seen her collaborate with artists as diverse as Queens Of The Stoneage, John Legend and Thundercat, stated: ‘I connected with SLOWOLF after he remixed a track for me called ‘Goldmine’. I loved his use of organic instrumentation matched with the electronic elements like heavy drops and cut-up, out-of-the-box groove approaches. It’s been great to collaborate on this track (which we did from separate countries!) and to then explore the song in a live context together where it took on a different life. The song to me is about courage and rising from the ashes after times of pain.'”

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