Smerz share amazing visuals for “I don’t talk about that much / Hva hvis”

Smerz‘s new tracks, “I don’t talk about that much” and “Hva hvis,” are out now on XL Recordings.

Following up from their Believer trailer, Norwegian duo Smerz (Henriette Motzfeldt + Catharina Stoltenberg) have unveiled an amazing Benjamin Barron-directed video featuring two new tracks, “I don’t talk about that much” and “Hva hvis”.

Inspired by Lars von Trier’s Dogville, the hypnotic, trance-like video features the two artists and a group of dancers performing a traditional Norwegian folk dance called Hallingdansen. “The stage and the actions have a kind of dreamlike state to them where not everything is completely filled out, but hopefully there’s this glimpse into a world and a bigger narrative,” explained Stoltenberg. We still have no full details about the nature of the project Believer, but it’s a safe bet to say that Smerz‘s debut album is on the way.

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