Smerz want to feel something in the new track “No Harm”

Norwegian duo Smerz have always found a way to make us dance with repetitive, high-edged beats without boring us. In their track “No Harm” they are looking to feel their beloved one.

With their complete DIY way of composing music, they manage to keep us interested thanks to their understanding on how to captivate the audience with loops of random vocals. The self-directed video is as mesmerizing as their music, and creates a blurry storyline when added to the bassline. While remaining as minimal as possible, the duo express via their lyrics, how difficult it can be to struggle with different feelings: being on control and let lose at the same time. This is what makes their music so captivating.

You can follow Smerz over Facebook, Instagram and Soundcloud.

Matias Calderon

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