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I wake inside the mess, these voices in my head”… Guess we weren’t the only one having shots yesterday evening… Joke aside, I wanted to introduce you to the New Zealander Madeline North also known as So Below, a goth-pop singer based in Los Angeles. Lost in the fog of Soundcloud, in a few months she reached more than 135.OOO listens on 3 songs, but we’re bringing all your attention to her captivating new single “Far”.

I don’t remember exactly how I ended up on her Soundcloud account, but I know I’ve been following her for quite a long time. I’ve always been interested by her mysterious and dark single covers and by the character she reflects in those pictures. For example, she seems lost in the middle of nowhere on “Drift” cover, then she lies asleep on the same road in “Sleep”… And now with “Luna” and “Far”, she managed to get to the sea and is almost drowning in it.

As a “goth-pop” artist, So Below has both sides of it. There’s this disturbing and haunting atmosphere omnipresent in each songs’ melody as you were trapped in the woods during a cold night, but at the same time her delicate voice has something reassuring that will help you float during the whole song. “Far” could make you think of a good pop’ish Crystal Castle or Chvrches with a darker spirit.

So Below‘s debut EP is now out and includes every songs she released so far, you can now also listen to “Drift”, “Luna” and my favorite “Sleep”.

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