SOFI TUKKER announce debut album, share “Baby I’m A Queen”

Powerhouse duo SOFI TUKKER announced the release of their much awaited debut album that will be called “TREEHOUSE” and is set to be released on April 13.

The 10-track album will explore their inner capacity of creating strong catchy pop songs. After months of touring all around the world, the unstoppable duo is finally releasing what we were all waiting for. About the debut album “TREEHOUSE”, SOFI TUKKER explained:

“Treehouse” is about the childhood spirit of play. We want our music to be like that magical, welcoming place from childhood, where you go to escape with your friends and make your own rules together. Treehouse is about grown children who lift each other up, inspire each other, encourage each other, and play together. Everything is fair game and all aspects of our selves are accepted. Everyone shines, everyone is invited, and you are free to be any way and anyone you want to be.

Alongside the announcement of the debut album, the duo shared single “Baby I’m A Queen”. “TREEHOUSE” will included as well previously released singles “Fuck They” and “Energia“. The track evolves around the duo embracing their vulnerability as SOFI TUKKER explained:

“Baby I’m a Queen” is about embracing tumultuousness and vulnerability. Just because you are vulnerable, doesn’t mean you have to let yourself be belittled or infantilized (Why is “baby” the default nickname?) We are strong and empowered because we cry, because we desire, and because of what is chaotic about us. This song is about standing up as strong and powerful, because of that courage to share ourselves. It’s about being both a baby and a queen at the same time.

SOFI TUKKER‘s “TREEHOUSE” is set to be released on April 13.

Matias Calderon

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