Sofi Tukker – Hey Lion

After the release of the amazing “Matadora” and “Drinkee”, New-York based duo Sofi Tukker shared a third track called “Hey Lion”, an animalistic electro-tropical-pop track that we all need for the beginning of the spring

Taken from their upcoming EP “Soft Animals” that should be out soon this year, the duo has declared over Soundcloud :

“Hey Lion” is like a sonic snack. It’s not like “Drinkee” or “Matadora,” which were made as vibration journeys. “Hey Lion” is like the opening chant to Soft Animals… we want to welcome people into our version of this animal-world, where strength is soft and nobody is boss.

And it is a chant indeed since Sophie‘s voice sounds like a shaman’s call to the spirits surrounded by hypnotic music creating a mesmerizing atmosphere. We can’t wait for the release of the EP and we are for sure going to keep you posted

Matias Calderon

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