Softmax tackles human connection complexity in dystopian track “Swishers”

Softmax‘s “Swishers” is out via London based independent label Psychotic Reaction Music.

Chicago’s singer-songwriter and producer Softmax recently made a striking comeback with her latest offering, “Swishers,” which she co-produced with Joel Ford and Berlin based electronic producer Gabriel Gifford. Residing in the realm of dystopian electro-pop, the banging track delves into the theme of yearning for connection and comprehension of humanity, all the while experiencing an increasing sense of detachment.

The genesis of this composition draws inspiration from Softmax‘s personal journey. After a period of dormancy, her symptoms of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) reemerged during the initial stages of the pandemic, triggering what she describes as a “paranoid OCD spiral.” This distressing event profoundly influenced the trajectory of her musical direction.

Softmax‘s debut EP, But What If There Isn’t?, was released in 2022.