Sorcha Richardson reflects on her life during her birthday on “Waking Life”

God knows we are fans of Sorcha Richardson. Thanks to her nostalgic electronic sound, she managed to win our hearts. With her new single “Waking Life”, she doesn’t disappoint our expectations.

With her unusual song-writing, imaginative, relatable vocals and dreamy electro-pop sound, there is nothing that we don’t love about Sorcha Richardson and this song. While reflecting on her life that is passing right in front of her eyes, with a almost-dead love next to her, she is losing hope about what to do with her life. As birthdays not only represent the moment to underline the bad to get rid of it, it is also the moment to start new. So there is always a glimpse of hope on Sorcha Richardson‘s music. The Brooklyn-based artist stated about what inspired the song:

“Waking Life” is a song I started writing around my last birthday.There’s something about birthdays that force you to pause and reflect on your life and take stock of where you’re at. Sometimes that’s a really fun and fulfilling thing to do but sometimes it can feel really shitty. I’ve spent a lot of my life saying to myself that ‘by the time I’m X years old, I’ll have overcome that fear, I’ll have worked out all those issues, I’ll have mended that relationship.’ This song is about getting to a point in life and suddenly realizing that your reality falls way short of the dream you were holding onto in your head. It’s about having no idea how to reconcile the discrepancies between the two, but also wondering how or why you thought it would be different. ​​​​​

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Matias Calderon

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