SpaceAcre premiere the eerie title track of their debut EP Overthrown

British alt-pop duo SpaceAcre premiere “Overthrown,” the latest single lifted from their debut EP of the same name out today.

Claiming influences ranging from Jeff Buckley to Goldfrapp, the genre-defying duo SpaceAcre have just released their debut EP Overthrown, with the titular single premiering with us here today.

Having formed “accidentally” back in 2019 in a writing camp in Normandy, Jas Scott and Phoebe Little quickly found a symbiosis that led to the birth of SpaceAcre. With a mutual love for sci-fi films that bleeds over into their music, “Overthrown” demonstrates this otherworldly obsession.

Built around the resonating bassline, “Overthrown” feels like a dark and gloomy 80’s new wave track, with the slight twist of being set in space. At times the presence of this scuzzy bass calls to mind Cold War Kids, with that same swinging lethargy that evidences real musical control.

Of the track, the pair explained: “‘Overthrown’ is the final track we wrote for the EP and it started from a bass riff. When we were writing the song, there was a really cool moment where we spontaneously sang two interlocking melody lines at exactly the same time, which then became the chorus. We still don’t know which of the two parts is the lead line. The song is about narcissistic personalities. We all know at least one person who’s completely out for themselves, and sometimes, if you are too close to them, you don’t realise how much they are taking from you until you’ve got nothing left to give.”

The aforementioned melody lines only accentuate “Overthrown”’s bizarre nature. The textured and haunting harmonies really hit the chest cavity in a way that’s oddly hypnotic. It comes as no surprise that SpaceAcre are fans of The Fifth Element as “Overthrown” calls to mind the famously technical and mystical track “The Diva Dance,” or some dreamy bands taken from the 4AD roster.

Accompanying the single is a jarringly organic look at the duo in the process of making the track. Shot in black and white, it gives the track an added moody layer.

Released today, their debut EP extends SpaceAcre’s delectable mixture of narratorial songwriting and electronic sensibilities, confronting the otherworldly and the organic. “It’s an EP that is close to our hearts as some of these stories are pretty personal. It’s mainly about conflict; internal battles, prejudice and complex relationships,” they added. Watch the premiere of “Overthrown” below and catch them live at Servants Jazz Quarters London on May 6, 2021.

Rachel Chandler