Sulene – What We Had

South African New York-based artist Sulene is ready to launch her solo career with her brand new nostalgic pop track “What We Had.”

After being the guitarist for Nate Ruess, Betty Who and Candy Hearts, the artist is hitting her career very hard with this new song. You might also know her for the article The Village Voice published in 2015 about her struggles of obtaining an artist VISA for the US. All of these experiences mold her new character and inspire her career, with “What We Had” being the perfect example. About it, Sulene explained over an email:

I wrote “What We Had” a few days after I returned home from a long world tour that was now over. I felt the typical post-tour depression so many touring musicians deal with. I found myself moping around my Brooklyn apartment reminiscing about high school and college, the freedom of being brave without yet being jaded or afraid or inundated with responsibilities. The song pays homage to every little relationship, friendship, and band I played in that shaped my life. I wanted to write about the small joys, remembering exactly what we had – the first time my friend and I dyed my hair blue on a whim in her bath tub, snow fights in Boston, and drinking whiskey by the Charles River. I wrote this EP to inspire myself to create something new – a new record, as one chapter was closing and another was opening.

You can follow Sulene over Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud.

Matias Calderon

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