SUNS – Levitate Dance Recline (My Religion)

London-based duo SUNS is ready to start 2017! After the release of their last single “Catalyse”, the duo share new single “Levitate Dance Recline”.

Comprised of Michael Tyrrell and Andy McDonnell, the duo previously worked with Petite Noir, Martin Creed and Scott Walker, among others and decided to create their own music. With a mix of indie sounds and pop catchy vibes, their “We Were Kings EP” was critically acclaimed. “Levitate Dance Recline” is another reason to love them even more, thanks to a mix of glamour and edginess.

Suns will be touring during this year and let’s hope they are preparing something as impressive as their previous releases. You can follow them over Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud.

Matias Calderon

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