Swedish artist Lune shares electro-pop debut track “Healing Song”

As only Scandinavians know how to do, Swedish artist Lune shared an enigmatic and melancholic new song “Healing Song” following the steps of Robyn and Anna Of The North.

How funny from a song called “Healing Song” to start the lyrics with “this is not a healing song”! As the song evolves, you’ll find that the track is not a you can do it tune, but more about accepting that you are going through a difficult moment and grow from it. About the track, Lune explained to us over an email:

“Healing song” is a metaphor and a piece. In the lyrics I find myself in a place I don’t wanna be, everything is not healing. In the end of the verse, I choose the “light” and accept the “dark”; the wicked, and in that moment I break free (illustrating the break free by singing Ah ah ah ah ah ah in the drop).

The track is not out via Sweden Music and you can follow Lune over Facebook and Soundcloud.

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