Swim in the indie pop waters of Emma Elisabeth in “Kiss Of Gasoline”

Swedish indie pop artist Emma Elisabeth explores her imperfections on her new track “Kiss Of Gasoline”, putting pop drama into the rock genre.

Inspired by strong female rock models such as Stevie Nicks, Dolly Parton or Patti Smith, among others, she puts all of her influences in just one track. It might sound messy, but it’s all incredibly put together, with still giving an impression of something unfinished, not fully realized. About the track, Emma Elisabeth explained:

This song has been messing with me from the start. I was at home in Höllviken looking after my parents house and I did an all-nighter. I hammered on my dads classical guitar and drank wine and wrote it in solitude. No, Ozzy the pug was there too. Then I re-wrote the melody, the lyrics, the middle eight, changed the structure, asked a friend to help me out. And in the studio we tried out so many ideas, changed sounds, arrangements, vocal takes. It’s a real bastard. But I love it. It’s another bitter sweet story of mine.

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Matias Calderon

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