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Young Magic – Lucien


Two LPs later, duo Young Magic is coming back with a new album called “Still Life” due to be released on May 13 via Carpark Records. Sounding as profound and mysterious as we knew them with their previous releases, they shared with us the first track taken from that LP called “Lucien”, an experimental electronic down-tempo song

Prince Rama – Your Life In The End


Remember Prince Rama‘s vision of a muscular energetic 2067 in which museums are sponsored by soft drinks, art merges with extreme sports and the stance on pop music is funky, alien and strangely retro? Well, here’s another song to visit the future with and explore further the death-defying dimension of their forthcoming album “Xtreme Now”: it’s “Your Life in the End”.

TEEN – Please


First and foremost, TEEN is a family.

Sisters Teeny, Lizzie and Katherine Lieberson and their honorary sibling Boshra AlSaadri have been making music together for a while now. They’ve been doing it as a family does, sharing parts of the same world in ways that are both personal and universal. “Please”, the third cut from their forthcoming third album “Love Yes”, is definitely one of those parts.

TEEN – Tokyo


TEEN is a not a teen anymore: it grew up into a woman with a lot to say.

Prince Rama – Bahia

Prince Rama is a music machine shaped like a cubic prism and all clad in holographic material, which spits utopist space-time extravaganzas in garish choreographies of laser beams, uncombed hair and pop songs. Also, they’re fucking crazy.

Watch Speedy Ortiz pay tribute to David Lynch in their new video “My Dead Girl”

Massachussite 4-piece indie rock band Speedy Ortiz just gave the video treatment to “My Dead Girl”, a track celebrating the women independence and taken from their third album “Foil Deer”, the second to be released via Carpark Records.