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Basement Revolver Transatlantic by Stephanie Montani

Basement Revolver find their edge with “Transatlantic”

Basement Revolver‘s new single, “Transatlantic,” is out via Sonic Unyon Records. Like with many other up-and-coming bands, Basement Revolver’s plans

Basement Revolver Wax Digital

Basement Revolver announce new EP with uptempo and wistful “Wax & Digital”

“Wax & Digital” is the title track from Basement Revolver‘s upcoming EP due out October 18. Last year, Basement Revolver

Basement Revolver Heavy Eyes

Basement Revolver share “Heavy Eyes” ahead of debut album release

Basement Revolver‘s debut album “Heavy Eyes” is due out August 24 on fear of missing out records. Following up on

Basement Revolver Tree trunks

Ontario Basement Revolver’s single ‘Tree Trunks’ deals with mental health

Following up to their 2016’s succesful EP, Ontario trio Basement Revolver are going to release their upcoming EP ‘Agatha.’ So