Basement Revolver find their edge with “Transatlantic”

Basement Revolver‘s new single, “Transatlantic,” is out via Sonic Unyon Records.

Like with many other up-and-coming bands, Basement Revolver’s plans were drastically altered due to the pandemic. The Canadian four-piece were supposed to spend 2020 touring, but they found themselves with more spare time than what they had bargained for. With live music on hold, they turned to the studio instead, recording a second album that will see the light in early 2022. A few months ago, Basement Revolver released “Skin”, an indie rock stomper that saw them pursue heavier tones than what their poppier earlier work suggested. They are doubling down on that twist with their new single “Transatlantic.”

“Transatlantic” still has all the elements that made Basement Revolver in the first place. Chrisy Hurn’s wistful vocals remain the core of it all, supported by waves of reverberated guitar chords and a propulsive rhythm section. However, they’ve got a bit more of an edge now. Basement Revolver is still a dream pop band, but now they sound like one that has suddenly found itself in a support tour with Hop Along instead of, say, with Alvvays. This rougher sound reflects the increasing focus of their lyrics on heavy themes such as mental illness, faith or body image.