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Ydegirl by Luke Abby - interview album review

Enjoy the silence: We speak to Ydegirl about her brilliant art pop debut

Ydegirl‘s self-titled debut album is out via Escho. Ydegirl‘s music is defined by its reluctance to be pinned down. The

Ydegirl Parody of Crime by Clement Mogensen

Ydegirl announces debut album, shares new song “Parody of Crime”

“Parody of Crime” is taken from Ydegirl‘s self-titled debut album, out October 15 on Escho. Danish avant-pop artist Ydegirl has

Ydegirl Zodiac video by Clement Mogensen

Ydegirl explores poly-moodiness on “Zodiac”

Half-Danish, half-English singer-songwriter and producer Ydegirl proves she’s on the cusp of success with her latest video, out now on

Ydegirl breezing back and forth between video by Emma Boateng

Ydegirl shares video for airy and soulful “breezing back and forth between”

Ydegirl‘s new song “breezing back and forth between” is the sound of a 2000 year suspended existence in the bog.


Danish electro-pop producer YANGZE shares cold-but-playful single “R U”

Danish producer YANGZE shares a playful electro-pop new track “R U” via cultural collective Escho. We don’t know much about