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Her pays poignant homage to late Simon Carpentier in “We Choose”

Last year, we heard the sad news of the passing of Simon Carpentier, co-founder of Parisian duo Her. As a


TABOR shares her vulnerability in newest track titled “Her”

Up and coming Canadian dark pop goddess Drew Tabor exposes so much in her music. And her new single “Her”,


Our selection for Nuits Bota 2017: Le Motel, Her, Zebra Katz, Youngr & more

Each year, in our beloved city of Brussels, our favorite venue starts the festival season in May with one of

Majid Jordan – Every Step Every Way


Nothing seems to stop the Canadian duo Majid Jordan as they’re already delivering another great video, following the video of “Learn From Each Other” and “King City“, both published less than 2 months ago. Watch the new video for “Every Step Every Way” below.

Majid Jordan – Learn From Each Other

It’s a song that we’ve been waiting (im)patiently since the preview they shared during an episode of OVO Sound Radio. “Learn From Each Other” may be Majid Jordan‘s best song so far.

Her – Five Minutes


The Woman does not exist, though there are women. No one woman can stand for The Woman. To say it all about her, you would need all the women in the world.