Her – Five Minutes


The Woman does not exist, though there are women. No one woman can stand for The Woman. To say it all about her, you would need all the women in the world.

Back in April, the mysterious french duo Her caught our attention, when they released their very first song “Quite Like”. A beautiful and sensual ode to women.
We knew that the two men behind Her had a lot coming, as they said to Pigeons and Planes that they recorded 18 songs in 4days.

Another song “Five Minutes” arrived 5 months after on the band’s Soundcloud.

The song has now a brilliant video, directed by LISWAYA.
In this video, the main character interprets some of the infinite different woman on earth. They offered us a sensual and sexy video clip.

Bonus :
Their first video for the song “Quite Like”.

HER – QUITE LIKE from Raphael Frydman on Vimeo.

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