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HighClouds: 100 best tracks 2017

HighClouds: 100 Tracks of 2017

We can undoubtedly write that 2017 was a great year for music. We know it because our staff almost had


Event Review: #Nuits17 with Hercules & Love Affair, Youngr and Rocky

Like everyone in Brussels know, Le Botanique, starts the European summer festivals in May with the infamous Nuits Botanique. For

Wil$on releases the well-named single “Hot”

Wil$on Hot

Los Angeles-based young rapper Wil$on is just 22 years old but his potential is pretty obvious. After one year of activity on Soundcloud, which has progressively brought him from the underground scene to new audiences, the artist is ready to release his upcoming mixtape “S.O.S”. The first single “Hot”, which was produced by his regular fellas Cook&Jango and that already sounds more mature, is un uplifting and catchy way to get to know this new upcoming project. So if you like the pre-Kardashian Kanye West and Vic Mensa, you should definitely check on him!

BELGITUNES: Mugwump [UPDATE: Voetbalknieen – live session]


No, in Belgium, we don’t only have the cold, the rain and the snow. We also have good artists and that is why we present you one of them, every Wednesday, in the Belgitunes section. This week, let’s talk about DJ and producer Mugwump, an artist of the Belgian electronic music scene who cannot be ignored. This artist, who was described as the « Belgium’s underground answer to Daft Punk » by the German magazine Groove, is going to release a digital deluxe version of his debut album “Unspell” on January 29. Perfect time for immersing ourselves in the two-decade career of the artist.

What you might have missed because of the Holidays

After a few days of well-deserved vacations, the whole team of Highclouds is back on track to keep you posted with the best in indie music. We maybe stopped for a few days but the music world didn’t, so here is a small non-exhaustive list of what you might have missed while you we were drinking/eating way too much