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⚡ Wy – Okay

Michel Gustafsson and Ebba Ågren are Wy, a Swedish two-piece that’s releasing their debut album “Okay” this year via Hybris.


Wy deal with their deepest fears in “Gone Wild”

If you are familiar with duo Wy, you must know that their music is a way to escape from their

wy bathrooms

⚡ Dance out your confusion and sadness with Wy’s new single “Bathrooms”

Dancing in empty rooms, in front of antique sculptures representing perfect bodies while singing about self-doubt and confusion of being

Dream-pop project Eli share breakup song “Okay”

eli okay

Hjalt Ross‘ musical project Eli is not really a solo escapade as it also features some members of the music collective LYDTAET, who are by the way his best friends. You might have guessed with their name, but this psyche dream-pop act comes from Denmark and is active since 2014. The title of the track “Okay” is an illusion and you won’t need to ferret out for a long time. The song is, as the artist describes it himself: “a real teen-depressive breakup song”.