Wy deal with their deepest fears in “Gone Wild”

If you are familiar with duo Wy, you must know that their music is a way to escape from their fears and social anxieties. Taken from their upcoming debut album “Okay” out on October 20, “Gone Wild” explores one of them.

Being called the masters of sad pop, Wy explore their darkest sides of their personalities without holding back. Showing their vulnerability is part of their motto, to create a special bond with their audience. The album, a 10-track emotional rendition, is dedicated to every listener who feels down. The group is letting them know that they are not alone. About the track, singer Ebba stated:

This was the first song we wrote for the album and I think it’s the most personal song I’ve ever written. It’s about everything I fear and everything I doubt. And about trying to get better.

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Matias Calderon

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