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[PREMIERE] Chocoholic – First Class featuring Kev, Tate Tucker and SUBI

The 90s R&B genre has been inspiring many artists in the past few years. Tokyo-based songwriter Chocoholic collaborated with California-based

[PREMIERE] SŪN JÙN shared emotional new track called "Wǒ De Ài"

It is not very often that we have the occasion to listen to music in another language than English. The

[PREMIERE] JKP shared an ethereal new track called “Against The Wall”

After the release of “Who” a month ago, JKP is back with “Against The Wall” in collaboration with Amy J

[PREMIERE]: Fhin – But Now A Warm Feel Is Running (Crvvcks Remix)


It is actually not a big surprise that we are big fans of Fhin. We were pretty excited with the release of his track “Eh” taken from his upcoming 6-track EP “A Crack In The Eyes” that is due to be released on May 26. With the release of “But Now A Warm Feel Is Running”, Fhin is taking by storm the whole French electronic scene thanks to his special mix of house music with R&B, hip-hop and nu-soul. His music is completely captivating and it is a true honor to premiere the remix by CRVVCKS (to pronounce Crooks), a Leeds-based producer. From French touch to UK garage, there is only one step.

[PREMIERE] : Nude shares 2 unreleased tracks


If you follow our webradio, you might know that every week we ask our favorite artists to create a playlist for us. This week, we were honored by French artist Nude who created a mix with all the hip-hop/R&B that inspired with rising career. He is now honoring us with two unreleased tracks that he decided to premiere here on Highclouds. First, listen to “Alien” taken from his upcoming EP that should be out very soon. Then, you can take a look to his remix of Digy and his track “Tragedy”

Gourmet (Updated)

Spaghetti boy, spaghetti boy, spaghetti boy… if I say that three times like for Beetlejuice , would that make the self-proclaimed Spaghetti boy appear ? Gourmet is in fact a mysterious emerging pop-rock artist based in Cape Town. Get ready to be hypnotized by this week’s Newcomer and his enlightened pop music.