[PREMIERE] SŪN JÙN shared emotional new track called "Wǒ De Ài"

It is not very often that we have the occasion to listen to music in another language than English. The world been dominated by Shakespeare‘s language, most artists make the choice to sing in it to capture a larger audience, taking the risk of signing/writing in a language that they eventually don’t feel comfortable with. SŪN JÙN made that choice in his previous work and finally lost a part of his true feelings by getting lost in translation. For the release of his debut EP on November 25 via YUMYUM, the rising pop artist decided to stay true to his emotions and sing on his native language: madarin.

“Wǒ De Ài” is the second extract of his EP and it means “My Love” which may sound cheesy like that, but what feeling is more universal than love? The track, accordingly to the Chinese artist, is about:

Finding true love is comparable to trepanation: according to general belief, drilling a small hole into your skull might allow your brain to access more oxygen and ultimately achieve higher state of mind.

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SŪN JÙN's "Wǒ De Ài" is like James Blake and FKA Twigs had sex in Beijing

Musically, SŪN JÙN is in between electronic vibes with pop touches. Going from a very hazy place to a more club-shaped sound, the artist deals with many references coming from many parts of the world. From R&B to dubstep and electronica, you can feel the globalization of sounds in the world. This being said, his debut EP reportedly had some troubles being distributed over iTunes/Apple Music due to the language. Over email, the record explained to us on how they had to lie to iTunes by putting that the track was in English to get distributed over the platform. We don't know the real reasons for this matter, since big Chinese stars don't have any troubles being distributed on it, but we'll dig to find out.

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Matias Calderon

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