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Zoee Rio's video premiere Daniele d’ingeo

Zoee’s new track “Rio’s” is visceral bedroom-pop bliss

Zoee‘s new track, “Rio’s,” is shared via London label CC Recordings as part of a Bandcamp pre-order for a new

HighClouds best tracks songs 2020 so far

HighClouds: Best Tracks of 2020 [so far]

Our staff has spoken: here are our 30 favourite tracks of 2020 so far. We’re only 6 months into 2020

Zoee Used

Zoee claims glory in the operatic “Used”

Zoee‘s new track, “Used,” is out via PLZ Make It Ruins. Harriet Zoe Pittard is Zoee, a London-based singer with

MX WORLD Julia Star See Ya

Julia Star and MX World team up on empowering pop-club banger “See Ya”

Julia Star and MX World‘s collaborative single “See Ya” is the first release on Zoee‘s label Insecure. Both involved in

The Deer Du Bois Playlist 152

The Deer Du Bois Playlist #152: Safetalk, HANA2K, Sakima, Klyne, Krrum

Every Wednesday on HighClouds, from now until death do us part, we publish the much-awaited and surprising playlists of our

Zoee betcha

Zoee debuts with “Betcha”, an undeniably catchy post break-up pop anthem

Zoee‘s debut track “Betcha” is out via Secret Songs. “Betcha” is Zoee’s debut single, out on Ryan Hemsworth’s Secret Songs